National Treasure (Original Score)

National Treasure (Original Score)

Trevor Rabin

Minority Report (Original Score)

Minority Report (Original Motion Picture Score)

John Williams

My Sister’s Keeper (Original Motion Picture Score)

Aaron Zigman


Rocky (Original Motion Picture Score)

Bill Conti

Gone In 60 Seconds (Original Score)

Gone In 60 Seconds (Original Motion Picture Score)

Trevor Rabin

6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain (Original Score)

Nathan Furst

Jingle All the Way (Original Score)

Jingle All the Way (Original Score)

David Newman

Small Soldiers (Original Score)

Small Soldiers (Original Motion Picture Score)

Jerry Goldsmith

All I Want for Christmas (Original Score)

All I Want for Christmas (Original Score)

Bruce Broughton


Sunshine (Original Motion Picture Score)

Maurice Jarre

The Blacklist (Original Score from the Television Series)

Dave Porter

Miami Vice (Original Score)

Miami Vice (Original Motion Picture Score)

John Murphy

The Wedding Date

The Wedding Date (Original Motion Picture Score)

Blake Neely

Ghostbusters Original Score

Ghostbusters (Original Motion Picture Score)

Theodore Shapiro

Message in a Bottle (Original Score)

Message in a Bottle (Original Motion Picture Score)

Gabriel Yared

Breaking Bad (Original Score), Vol 2

Breaking Bad (Original Score from the Television Series), Vol. 2 – Dave Porter

Dave Porter

Freedom Writers (Original Score)

Freedom Writers (Original Motion Picture Score) – Mark Isham

Mark Isham


Outlander (Original Motion Picture Score) – Geoff Zanelli

Geoff Zanelli

Body Of Lies

Body of Lies (Original Motion Picture Score) – Marc Streitenfeld

Marc Streitenfeld


Noel (Promo) – Alan Menken

Alan Menken

Teen Wolf (Original Television Score) – Dino Meneghin

Dino Meneghin


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